Pancho Villa’s Army Makes Gonzo Soccer Its Official Not-for-Profit Partner!

26 Apr

villas army

We are proud to announce that Pancho Villa’s Army has made Gonzo Soccer its official not-for-profit partner. Pancho Villa’s Army is a nonviolent, family-oriented supporter group of the Mexican National Team that strives to unite people of all races and cultures in support of El Tri and Hispanic soccer. Women and young adults are highly encouraged to join and be part of Pancho Villa’s Army.

Part of Pancho Villa’s Army’s mission is to support Hispanic youth soccer and Hispanic education in the United States and in Mexico, and because of these common objectives, sought to partner with Gonzo Soccer. We are excited for what we will accomplish together!

Pancho Villa’s Army has pledged the following:

“We will be launching our official donation drive and targeting $1,000.00 as our 2013 goal! Additionally Pancho Villa’s Army will be donating $5.00 of every Adelita Membership to Gonzo Soccer! We will also be working with sponsors and other partners to seek opportunities to promote this great organization. So stay tuned and help Gonzo Soccer mentor young women and perhaps find the next great Mexican or U.S. women national team player.”

For more on Pancho Villa’s Army, visit or follow them on Twitter @VillasArmy

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