27 Sep


Monday night at training Coach Olivia held a lifeskills lessons that was entirely about ‘RESPECT’.

She presented questions and allowed the girls to answer:

What is Respect?
Treating others like you would want to be treated.
Being kind to others.
Not making fun of others.

What Can You Do to Earn Respect?
Always be nice to others.
Help other people.
Doing what your family asks you to do (mainly parents).

What/Who Should You Respect?
Property (we discussed treating all of the soccer equipment and the facility with respect!)

How Can You Show Respect When Playing Soccer?
Don’t say bad things to the refs.
Don’t curse on the field.
Don’t push anyone on the soccer field (on purpose!).
Help people up or ask them if they are ok if they fall or get hurt.
Play as hard as you can.

If Someone Isn’t Giving You the Respect You Deserve, What Would You Say to Them/How Would You Handle the Situation?
Tell them!
Tell your teachers, coaches, or caretaker if someone is treating you badly. Don’t be AFRAID to tell someone if you are being treated badly.
Continue to be nice to the other person.
Don’t yell at them.

We will be following up at the next session to discuss situations that involved ‘respect’ during the last week whether it was at home, school, or at soccer and see if the girls are becoming more aware of this very important intangible.

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